Journal Code Title Website Subject Area Submission Deadline Publishing Date Submit
JML IOARP Journal of Management and Leadership Visit Business & Management 2022-12-31 Submit
JCN IOARP Journal of Communication and Networks Visit Computing 2022-12-31 Submit
JITLA IOARP Journal of Innovations in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Visit Education 2022-12-31 Submit
JCP IOARP Journal of Crop Production Visit Agriculture 2022-12-31 Submit
JHM IOARP Journal of Healthcare Management Visit Medical Sciences 2022-12-31 Submit
JAF IOARP Journal of Accounting and Finance Visit Business & Management 2022-12-31 Submit
JSW IOARP Journal of Social Work Visit Human & Social Development 2022-12-31 Submit
JCSH IOARP Journal of Cultural and Social History Visit History 2022-12-31 Submit
JJMC IOARP Journal of Journalism and Mass Communication Visit Arts, Media & Communication 2022-12-31 Submit
JCTGS IOARP Journal of Counter Terrorism and Global Security Visit Defense and Global Security 2022-12-31 Submit
TJ Test Journal (Do Not Submit) Visit Test Subject 2022-01-01 Submit

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